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Image of Assembling a Website

Every small business needs a website

It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive but the days are past when it was enough to rely on word of mouth or an ad in the Yellow Pages to have customers find you. A website today gives you the same credibility at lower cost and more effectiveness than a yellow pages ad.

Today, no matter how small or how large you are, you need a web presence to carve out a piece of mental real estate in your customer's minds. People who want to find you want to know that you care enough to provide basic information about who you are, where you are (complete with a dynamic map), how to contact you and if you are interested in increasing sales to a much broader audience, how to buy from you right from your website.

Your website is the dynamic face of your business. It should be an extension of the business owner to relay your thoughts, ideas and services directly to the consumer.

Some Types of Sites

The Billboard Site

This is the simplest form of website. It has up to 5 pages that identify your business, products and services.

Typically there is

  • a home page,
  • an "About Us" page that provides all the information to locate and contact you,
  • One or more product and/or services pages identifying your business focus.

This site will typically cost $300 to $500 dollars depending on complexity and content.

Simple eCommerce Site

This site gives you an on-line store for digital or physical product sales.

Costs for a site like this vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the product offerings.

Software as a Service

This is a dynamic site that works like an application on the user's desktop but is web-based and is independent on what kind of computer the user has.

The cost for this type of site is totally dependent on the complexity of the application logic. Contact us for a bid. We have a team of seasoned web programmers with years of coding experience.

Designing "Responsive" Websites

Responsive is the hot new buzz-word in website design. It means that your website will respond to and look good on any device such as your smartphone or ipad as well as on a desktop computer. It takes careful and thoughtful coding to produce a website that will look good and be readable and usable across the wide variety of screen sizes in use by your customers.

We encourage you to view this website on both your phone and your computer to see what we mean. You can also make your browser window very narrow on your desktop to see how the design responds to varying widths

Where you host makes a difference. I use Javabean Hosting. Check out their offerings with my affiliate link. It's personal, competent, responsive, inexpensive, quality hosting. It's about time.